That's right you worthless pieces of grass it's me, Gatling Pea, I moved up in the ranks but these guys keep laughing at their superior, they wouldn't know stronger firepower if it hit them in the face with a pea! Well now I can show these dirt chewing sun suckers what it means to be a true and valuable plant! Until then private.

                 -Dismissed, Sergeant Pea
Don't worry, when the mod is released i'll put more time into my blogs.
Read the title

Plants now have textures! An amazing update for the MVZ mod! The Repeater has been textured and modeled. Now we need to find a coder.
                              -Til' next update, Hector Sanchez
That's right walnut and sunflower or in action now, they have modeled correctly and freshly, zombies don't need much work as of now, but soon enough you'll see them.

Til' next update, Hector Sanchez

As the title suggests I have made a new model for the peashooter, it's better in every way, it has a better design and all around better feel to it, so it finally looks like a peashooter rather than a stem and head.
Sadly it has no texture and carcin has not responded to the note I sent him yet, we'll see how it goes.

Til' next update, Hector.